The Paleo Programme

Emphasizes high quality organic food !

The Paleo programme mimics the meal plan from Old Stone Age

The Paleo diet got its name from the Paleolithic period – the Old Stone Age, in other words. That was a time of hunter-gatherers, before agriculture revolutionized our existence around 10,000 years ago.

Conforming to the foods available to our prehistoric ancestors, the Paleo programme removes all grains and legumes from the meal plan, as well as dairy. The focus is on vegetables and fruits, preferably with a low glycemic index, i.e. those which do not cause spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels. This is something that Low-Carb High-Fat and Slow-Carb High-Fat programmes also point out as vital for health and efficient weight loss.

Paleo is all about quality

In its purest form, Paleo includes much more than a diet against obesity, heart disease and other health conditions. Paleo emphasizes the importance of regular, 8-hour sleep and encourages light to moderate exercise, preferably short and vigorous. Above all, Paleo gives priority to highest quality foods – locally sourced and organically grown or wild-caught (as in the case of game meat and seafood).

The Paleo diet and weight loss retreat with One Body

Go Paleo in the stunning natural setting of Serbian mountains and truly feel the difference in the world. One Body offers you an opportunity to improve your health and body perception while exploring little-known gems of nature. Fill in our form to see whether this programme fits your schedule and read more about our process. One Body weight loss holidays are designed to be a self-improvement haven in which you have completely customized professional medical support and are distanced from the distractions of everyday life in an inspiring environment.

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Program Details

  • Also called primal eating trend, Paleo promotes a meal plan very similar to our ancient ancestors’: 70 per cent vegetables and fruit, and the rest mostly lean meats and healthy fats, including nuts and seeds.
  • Paleo excludes grains, legumes and dairy, together with some vegetables like potatoes, which have a high glycemic index (this parameter is also important for LCHF programme and SCHF programme).
  • Paleo encompasses more than weight loss – it is a singular approach to modern lifestyle that includes regular sleep and some exercise.
  • The Paleo diet stresses the importance of eating local, organically-grown plants and local, grass-fed meat.
  • Paleo is praised for raising energy levels, alongside fighting obesity.
  • Your progress on the Paleo weight loss retreat with One Body will be closely monitored by healthcare professionals to maximize your results.