Slow Carb High Fat (SCHF) Programme

Have a 'cheat day' every week during your diet !

Slow-Carb High-Fat programme aims to boost your motivation

The principle of slow-carb high-fat programme is not revolutionary, but it was made into a structured meal plan by Tim Ferriss, an American entrepreneur, author and an overall self-improvement master (in the words of one magazine). In order to design the diet, he interviewed around 200 experts from the field of nutrition and dieting.

What is the SCHF meal plan like?

The program emphasizes slow carbs with a low glycemic index (55 and lower). Unlike Low-Carb High-Fat diet, SCHF allows some grains and most legumes, which keeps hunger away and provides added energy. Slow carbs don’t cause spikes in blood sugar, which relieves hunger and the need for insulin. Similarly to Low-Carb High-Fat diet, this weight loss programme can help diabetics and those with insulin resistance.

The meal plan is based on 5 rules:

  1. Avoid white carbs (all bread, pasta, rice, etc.) except after a resistance-training workout.
  2. Eat the same meals over and over again.
  3. Don’t drink calories (including milk, like in Paleo diet) except for red wine, 2 glasses a day allowed.
  4. Don’t eat fruit six days a week.
  5. Take one day off per week, when you can eat whatever you want.

SCHF diet defeats obesity with sustainability

Ferriss, the founder of the diet, emphasizes that the results are fast and measurable, which sustains motivation and self-discipline. The weekly cheat day allows the individual to reduce dieting stress and also to remind them of their weight loss goals.

Another benefit of the Slow-Carb High-Fat diet is that it allows for a lot of personalisation. After reaching their desired weight, you can experiment and introduce more carbs to your diet if it doesn’t make you gain weight.

SCHF programme and weight loss holiday with One Body

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Program Details

  • Your meal plan will focus on slow-burning carbs, also known as carbohydrates with a low glycemic index. Instrumental for keeping hunger away, slow-burning carbs are usually a good source of fibre, protein and fat.
  • SCHF diet fights obesity with simplicity. There are 5 rules for guidance and no hard exercise is necessary for you to achieve significant weight loss on this programme.
  • You will have a cheat day every week, which serves as a psychological vent from restriction, but also ensures that the metabolism stays in the fat-burning mode.
  • Your health indicators and progress will be closely monitored by healthcare professionals, who will adapt the plan to your needs as necessary.