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Personalised meal plan is necessary

Anyone who has ever struggled with obesity and failed attempts at weight loss knows that many diets which worked for others didn’t work for them, and vice versa. This can happen even if the individual adheres to the programme, because no two bodies are alike. We all come with some genetic “baggage” as well as “blessings”, and we all live unique lifestyles. There is a spectrum of factors that affect the outcome of a diet:

  • Gender and age
  • Starting weight & the desired weight loss
  • The individual’s build
  • Health conditions
  • Amount of daily physical activity
  • Sleep and work patterns

Adaptations and combinations: the best route to overcoming obesity and yoyo dieting

Designing a successful personalised meal plan requires taking into account individual-specific factors, but that’s only the beginning. It takes healthcare and nutritional professional(s) to understand the interaction of those factors with respect to dieting. Professionals also possess the knowledge and experience of how different weight loss programmes can be combined to achieve the desired effect while improving overall health.

Even though One Body weight loss holidays offer you three defined programmes – Low-Carb High-Fat, Slow-Carb High-Fat and the Paleo diets – you will see that they have a lot in common with each other. This makes it possible to combine their principles so that the results are amplified through a realistic plan and a healthy, long-term weight loss is achieved.

The unbeatable value of One Body personalised weight loss retreats

The crucial distinction between doing a diet on your own and on a retreat with One Body is a well-coordinated team of professionals: medical doctors, nutritional and fitness experts and professional chefs. Assessing the factors of your weight gain and weight loss, they will develop a personalised meal plan and weight management programme, whose value stems from the direct interaction between you and the team. Immerse yourself in the natural wonder of Serbian mountains and rely on professionals to reach the goals you have long coveted. We will outline your way to success!

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Program Details

  • By combining the principles of two or three other programmes (Low-Carb High-Fat, Slow-Carb High-Fat and the Paleo), a personalised weight loss programme brings together all the advantages of those diets valuable to you.
  • It’s possible to combine two programmes simultaneously or in a succession, with a view to making your weight management more realistic and successful.
  • The programme is based on a detailed examination of your health state, lifestyle circumstances and psycho-emotional relationship with food and nutrition.
  • The programme is developed through a close cooperation of doctors, nutritionists, fitness experts and chefs.