Low Carb High Fat (LCHF) Programme

Fights obesity and lack of energy !

Low-Carb High-Fat programme is grounded in medical research

Low-Carbohydrate High-Fat diet is also known as Atkins diet. It was first promoted in 1972 by Dr Robert C. Atkins, a physician.

LCHF has been thoroughly studied. More than 20 studies researching low-carb diets have been conducted on humans. The conclusions are that low-carb high-fat diets:

  • Are very effective in achieving weight loss and fighting obesity
  • Produce better and faster weight loss results than low-fat diets
  • Can lead to a lower risk of heart disease
  • Can help individuals with insulin resistance and diabetics control their blood sugar and insulin levels
  • Prevent the feeling of constant hunger by controlling blood sugar levels (similarly to Slow-Carb High-Fat programme)

Conquer obesity, prevent heart disease and manage diabetes with the Low-Carb High-Fat meal plan

LCHF meal plans favour vegetables, fruit, dairy products and meat over refined food, sugar, grains and most legumes. This triggers metabolic processes that turn your body into a fat-burning machine. LCHF is a powerful strategy when fighting obesity, because it causes our bodies to burn both the fat under our skin and the one around our internal organs, which is at the root of many health issues.

Major health improvements which are possible when you LCHF programme are:

  • Increased levels of the good HDL cholesterol
  • Reduced levels of the bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides
  • Significantly reduced and stabilized blood sugar and insulin levels

LCHF diet and weight loss retreat with One Body

If you have ever tried to do a diet on your own, you know how difficult it is to stay focused. Doing a weight loss holiday with One Body is an inspiring travel experience, in which you will explore new exciting places while receiving structured and professional support to achieve your health and weight goals. More importantly, you will have healthcare professionals monitoring you the whole time in order to adjust the programme to your specific needs. Find out more about our process here and fill in our form (link to homepage) to see if this programme fits your schedule.

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Program Details

  • The program emphasizes regular daily intake of healthy fats from animal and plant sources.
  • A few select carb foods allowed because of other nutrients they contain, e.g. fruit, vegetables, and dairy products.
  • Nothing refined or labelled “diet” and “light” is allowed.
  • Meal plans are designed by a team of healthcare professionals and personal chefs.
  • The goal is to achieve a healthy weight loss and improve overall health by controlling levels of blood sugar and energy-related hormones.
  • It is especially aimed at individuals who have been fighting obesity with yo-yo dieting, those who are insulin-resistant and diabetics.
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