Please note that we encourage you to read our Terms of Service. If you have any specific questions not addressed here or elsewhere on the website, you should always reach out to us and get the information first-hand. We’d love to discuss the details of our programmes with you!

A typical day

You will have meals tailored to your health status and the programme you are on. The meal plan will be accompanied by appropriate cardio work out, as prescribed by your personal fitness instructor. You will also have options to fill your day with as many sightseeing activities as you like. Please visit our Local Tourism page for more information on the local places of interest. Outside the meals and the exercises, which are predominantly light and not very time-consuming, you will have as much free time as you like. If you’d like to get some spa treatments to boost the detoxing effect of your programme, you will have access to massage, sauna and Jacuzzi. If you plan to have a working weight loss vacation, you will be able to do that.


You will have high-speed Internet connection and mobile phone reception. Daily activities are structured in a way that allows you to work and participate in the programme.


Health is our primary concern at One Body weight loss retreat. We have physicians on team, who will assess your health status when you arrive and continue to monitor it throughout your stay. At the start and end of your stay, as well as every 7 days, you will be examined by a physician and you will have laboratory tests done.

If you get ill or injured during your stay, regardless of whether the issue is connected to the programme, you are obliged to report it at least one member of the professional support team – e.g. physician or fitness instructor. If you get injured and can’t continue the work out sessions and if your health state permits it, you are welcome to stay for the nutritional and sightseeing part of your holiday.

You are obliged to report your health state truthfully and to the best of your knowledge. You must report all health conditions that you are aware of, all prescribed and non-prescribed medication, as well as supplements, to the physician examining you.

We cannot give you an estimate of how much weight you will lose, because every body is unique and reacts differently. However, you should note that One Body weight loss holidays are NOT rapid weight loss holidays that achieve flash results by putting you on an extremely low-calorie diet. Our goal is for you to lose weight and fight obesity while improving your overall health and energy.


One Body weight loss retreat is single-friendly. A considerable number of our participants and guests are single, but make great acquaintances and connections during their stay. Most of our guests are time-poor professionals between the ages of 30 and 55. However, we accept anyone between 18 and 65.

It is possible to book the holiday for someone else, if you wish so.


The food you will be eating will be nutrient-dense, made from fresh, handpicked ingredients, sourced locally and organically whenever possible. You won’t feel hungry because that is not how our programmes work. In addition, you will have facilities available and opportunities for various activities, which should help distract you from thinking too much about food.

If you have any food allergies or intolerances, you must report them to your examining physician. We are able to cater for the overwhelming majority of food allergies and limitations.


Feel free to reach us for more details and information!